16/12/2019 12:43 pm  #1

Fred Astaire CD

OK, not Bing, but who can ignore Fred, Bing's song and dance partner?

Jasmine  Records are releasing a CD containing Fred's studio recordings of 1955-1962 complete. 
A relatively late and ignored period of Fred's career.

I think quite a few Bing fans will find something of interest here - http://www.jasmine-records.co.uk/store/index.php/product-1389


16/12/2019 2:07 pm  #2

Re: Fred Astaire CD

That is a great issue! I'll be buying it. Jasmine has been mostly issuing rock-a-billy and 60s oldies lately so this is nice they are going back to the "Great American Songbook" type issue.


17/12/2019 1:42 am  #3

Re: Fred Astaire CD

Thanks for the information, Richard. I will definitely pick this one up!!!

Happy holidays!



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