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Dear all,

The city of Harriman, Tennessee (about a 4-hour drive from where I live), has recently approved a historical marker to honor the memory of Bing's first wife, Dixie Lee, who was born there. The marker wouldn't have been possible without public school teacher and local East Tennessee history enthusiast Chris Hammond. On this new podcast episode, Chris and I talk at length about Dixie Lee's life and career. If you're interested in listening to our conversation, you may access it by clicking on this YouTube link:


Chris is doing extensive research on Dixie Lee and even plans to write a book about her. Please forgive my slip of the tongue when at some point I say that Irving Berlin wrote "The Way You Look Tonight." I obviously meant to say Jerome Kern, not Berlin (with Dorothy Fields, of course!).

If you have the patience to listen to the podcast episode, any comments are welcome! 



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