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Question About Laserlight's "Christmas Through The Years"

Hi there, new member here. I was directed to these forums from Steve Hoffman's forums as I had a question about Bing Crosby comp I picked up recently. The 1995 LaserLight release, Christmas Through The Years (Discogs page here).

My understanding is that LaserLight did not have a license for Bing's studio work so these are likely soundtrack, radio and TV sources (which sound right from my listen-through of the CD) Anyone know the sources of the material? The booklet provides essentially no info. Thanks for any help, and looking forward to becoming a regular visitor of these forums!


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Re: Question About Laserlight's "Christmas Through The Years"

Archiefit wrote:

Your mention of this fine early Christmas Bing CD brings back fond memories.  When this was first released it was also on cassette tape, that's how I bought it at first.  Later after I relented to the pressures of buying a CD player I bought the CD of this too.  It is mostly made up of Bing's various radio show excerpts and TV soundtrack excerpts.  Hearing Snowbird reminds me of Anne Murray, this was her original hit in the '70's.

Good stuff there, you can't go wrong even if these aren't "official" recordings.

Awesome, glad this was able to jog some fond memories.

And, yeah, I'm digging the CD. It's fun to hear some stuff that isn't part of the official "canon" per se.

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