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I've Got The Girl

A copy of Bing's first recording has appeared on e-bay!


Unfortunately, judging from the accompanying pictures, it doesn't seem to be in great condition, but this is the first time I've seen one crop up on e-bay... I've been looking for a copy for years, but given the condition I'll think I'll keep looking..!


02/6/2018 1:43 pm  #2

Re: I've Got The Girl

That price is a little high. I paid $50 for my copy (after searching forever). It is in VG condition.

I would pass too at that starting price.


19/8/2020 5:34 pm  #3

Re: I've Got The Girl

John Bassett has just emailed me as follows.
"I wonder if any members were aware of the fact that an original 78 of “I’ve Got The Girl” was up for auction on Ebay in mid-August. To my knowledge, this is the third time in two years that Bing’s historic “first” has appeared on the global selling site by way of two American issues and one UK issue. Collectors cannot bemoan that these rare items never see the light of day! 824-D sold a couple of days ago for £70.59 on eBay.co.uk. Sorry to say I wasn’t lucky in this instance!"


19/8/2020 6:21 pm  #4

Re: I've Got The Girl

I clicked on the site you mention but there is an - oomphs, the page is missing message.


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