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Anton Garcia-Fernandez, the American Co-editor of "Bing" magazine conducts a regular podcast named Jazz Flashes.

On the latest he has a trans- Atlantic  discussion with Malcolm Macfarlane, the British Editor of "Bing", on the topic of Bing as a jazz performer. It's well worth a listen. There are a few glitches caused by the use of Skype (and occasionally a dog adds a jazzy note or two), but it is a fascinating chat covering Bing's recording career from the outset with Paul Whiteman right to the end. It picks up numbers of jazz oriented collaborators, and covers the highlights as well as some of the items that might be regarded as the failures, with coverage of why they might be viewed as such. 

Malcolm somewhat modestly says "Should you be snowbound or otherwise trapped in the house, feel free to listen to it." 
I'm neither. I sampled the first few minutes and felt I just must continue with it.

Here it is - 



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Thank you so much for your very kind words about the podcast Malcolm and I recorded yesterday! I had a great time doing it and hope it'll be of interest to Crosby fans. It is episode four of my ongoing series of podcasts associated with my jazz blog Jazz Flashes. Sorry about the glitches, and most of all, about the dog, which is my father-in-law's dachshund... This episode can also be heard here:


I have also submitted the podcast for review by iTunes, and once they approve it, the podcast will be available for free download from iTunes as well.

Thanks to Malcolm for agreeing to appear in the podcast, sharing memories and his great knowledge of the subject. Any comments (good and not-so-good) are welcome and appreciated!

Happy New Year to all Bing fans and contributors to this forum!


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That's a beaut way to start the year. Thanks Richard, Anton and Malcolm.


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Thanks, Graham! I am glad to hear you enjoyed listening to our podcast on Bing! Malcolm and I definitely had a wonderful time doing it! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png
 Happy New Year to you!



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