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Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Just posted on Facebook.
GOOD NEWS! Gary Giddins has completed the second volume of his three-volume Bing Crosby biography: "Bing Crosby, Swinging On a Star, the War Years, 1940-1946," to be published by Little, Brown. Publication date will be announced here, along with cover art - when Little, Brown provides them!


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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Great news, Malcolm! Hopefully this time's the charm! I can't wait for this second volume to become available!!!



11/1/2017 9:28 pm  #3

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

That's fantastic news! I can't wait to see what's in store for this volume. That's a day one purchase for sure!


12/1/2017 12:02 am  #4

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Extraordinarily welcome news.



12/1/2017 12:02 pm  #5

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Hear, hear... Best news so far in 2017.


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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Wonderful news to start 2017 with! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

Thank you for the information, Malcolm.



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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Hip, hip, hooray!


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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

It's taken decades for the 2nd volume to finally be just announced (it's still not a reality) how many decades will it take for a Volume 3?   I thought the original idea for this book was that there was going to be just 2 parts, the second being what we've waited eons for.  I didn't hear that it is now being EVENTUALLY turned into a 3 volume set.   I think at this point Giddins would be better off to just stick to the original idea and make the final concluding edition be a Part 2 book.   I don't think either Giddins or we will live long enough to see a volume 3.

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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

I could not be more excited for this book! What amazing and rich years to be covered. I hope Mr. Giddins writes extensively about Joan Caulfield, his great friendship with Phil Harris, the amazing box office as well as recording performance especially in 1944 when I believe he had something like 2/3 of the time spent at 1# on the charts, along with his tireless efforts for the GI's. I hope this comes out sooner than the Fall but after over a decade and a half of waiting I guess I can go a few more months.


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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

I am sure that we are all looking forward to the second volume. 

We must all do our best to persuade Mr Giddins - and his publishers - to also bring forward the third volume as rapidly as possible by demonstrating our support through purchasing Vol. 2 in adequate numbers.



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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

I'll be pre-ordering mine as soon as I get a date for publication (which I hope is soon)! I'm re-reading Volume 1 for the upteenth time!


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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

I just saw on Gary Giddins' Facebook page that Volume 2 will be published in the early fall of 2018.

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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

The way this is going I'll never get to read it. Wonder if there is a library in the afterlife.


05/7/2017 6:19 pm  #14

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Hello Ron
By the time you get your card stamped in the afterlife library, Volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5 will have been released. Everybody knows that..!
Very best to you and Anita.


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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

I have to say I am very disappointed to see the release date for this is so far away! Almost as disappointed by the fact that this isn't going to cover the entire second part of Bing's career. 

In many ways I think Crosby's career from the 50's on is a much more interesting story. There is this saying that once you're on top the only place to go is down but Bing seems to have defied that to a very large degree. He remained a very big star in the 50's and then sort of transitioned into this familiar friend who showed up on TV specials and at Christmas time, maybe sort of like a favorite uncle. 

I think is would be really interesting to read how his first wife's passing affected his career? Is this the reason why Bing didn't really focus on recording in the early 50's? More background on his albums with Bregman, Scoby, & Clooney would fascinating! With musical tastes changing rapidly were the sing-a-long albums considered maybe the only viable records he could do or were they simply easy sources of income with the radio show ending? Why did he record "Hey Jude"? And from maybe the lows of the late 60's what spurred his resurgence in the 70's?

The second half of Bing's life would make a great book, somebody just needs to put the words on paper!


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Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

It is just a sad...actually VERY sad...but true awakening that popularity brings sales which brings new product. We saw some of that for a few years from the Crosby estate. However, it appears as though sales were not up to the expectations of UMe and they have basically pulled the plug on any future releases. 

I suspect that if sales were better (and things had a chance to take off after the fine PBS special) we would see far better progress on the Giddins book.

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All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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