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Merry Christmastime, Fellow Crosby Fans!

This morning we had a surprise snow flurry, on what was supposed to be a cloudy, dry day in the Fahrenheit 30s hereabouts.  Everything from tiny dusty to big fluffy snowflakes have fallen, at rates ranging between almost-imperceptible to jauntilly-filling-the-air.  The grass and leaves never approached getting covered, as the ground is still too warm for that, but the branches and sides of trees and the roof of my truck got a coating that might have reached a third of an inch.  Inside, all-morning logs have been blazing in our little wood stove, as I took some time to revisit this forum after a bit of a lapse.  Bing -- in his Mr. Christmas guise -- has been filling the air inside, too, off-and on for a few days now.  I don't like to rush the season, like people who trot out Christmas decorations and start their shopping the day after Halloween, but now it is starting to feel like the right time.  Buying a few new Bing Xmas Cds, comparing their tracks to the old LPs and other recordings, and watching some Crosby movies connected with the season...those things seem as natural now as starting to wear gloves and a muffler again. While distance prevents me from sharing a holiday toast with each of you fellow Crosby fans scattered around the world, I send heartfelt wishes for you and your loved ones in this delightful season and in the new year.

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