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Re: Crosby Museum House to unveil Norman Rockwell painting

Great pics.

Yes that is the ad I thought of. Have it packed away with many more ads.

Guess it would ruin the unveiling it they attached a photo!?

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Re: Crosby Museum House to unveil Norman Rockwell painting

With apologies for my following questions, as your generously provided link, Ben is showing when clicked on (I suspect due to my being in the UK), "Unavailable due to legal reasons".

Firstly, if I knew - I had forgotten there was a Bing Crosby museum house! My memory is fairly poor but I believe there was a (previous?) exhibition and statue of Bing at his old Gonzaga university. Can anyone tell me the location of this museum house, please? Is it at Bing's birthplace or another house address?

I know very little about the artist Norman Rockwell - but very much like what little I have so far seen. If he did, I previously had no idea he had worked in advertising or that he had indeed painted portraits of Bing. I'm aware he had painted one of Frank Sinatra, as I do recall one of Sinatra's daughter's lamenting after his death that her and her siblings should have accepted his offer of that and a couple of other painted portraits of him years before  they subsequently became swallowed up by his estate. 

A quick "Google" has just revealed to me this brace of portraits of Bing (below) by Norman Rockwell (which look familiar) in his "Stagecoach" film costume - I'm wondering if it's one of these portraits that the above mentioned elusive article is referring to?  Is the portrait of Bing in his "Connecticut Yankee" garb, featured in the "Sunny Peach Pie" advertisement , one that was painted for the ad or just licensed to be added?

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Re: Crosby Museum House to unveil Norman Rockwell painting

Thanks, Archiefit.
I've just "Googled" again and this article had been posted a few hours later:




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Re: Crosby Museum House to unveil Norman Rockwell painting

Yes, it seems quite a well informed post event piece, doesn't it?
Thanks for information on the Bing Museum house. I'll see if I can find any further bits about it.
It's great that there seems to be such a thing to mark our man and his towering achievements.

I think the Rockwell paintings do him great justice. The upper "Stagecoach" portrait in particular seems to capture him very well indeed, with a touch of the character he portrayed.

I so wish Bing could have done more of this sort of thing, later career - he was for my money, the best thing about the film. Then again, I am going to be screamingly biased with this aren't I?  I so remember my brother and I laughing and delighting in his performance over forty years ago. He was such a wonderful actor and character actor. I've been reading the pictures were part of a series of portraits Mr Rockwell did of each leading character of the film. 


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