07/12/2020 5:20 am  #1

Christmas Music & A Couple Christmas Poems Too

Happy Yuletide To All.   I bring good tidings, in the form of some very special Christmas shows, in fact a new one each and every week through December.   Lots of great Christmas music you won't find on radio anymore and a Gildersleeve episode in the middle of each Christmas session of Merry Music on Sounds Like Radio.  You know you're bound to hear Bing sing of Christmas here.

Also some very special Christmas Bonus Extras with a couple of visits to Your Humble Host's Christmas Poetry Corner.   I'll read to you an amusing Christmas Poem or Ode which I hope will add to your Christmas time enjoyment.   Lordy knows we all need it now more than ever.  Happy Kringle and here's where to find a bit of cheer:


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