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Joe Sinnott

I am sorry to report that Joe died on June 25. A real Crosby fan who designed many Crosby covers. See http://joesinnott.com/quotesfromjoltinjoe/bingart.html?fbclid=IwAR0OCo4dqkBSGqOje1sd0ubkGWuXiXY0l2EEywNXwzMp6TZ5LdwOwniPB6c


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Re: Joe Sinnott

Archiefit wrote:

Didn't recognize the name till I went to the web page referenced and then I knew immediately.  Those LP covers bring back a lot of memories to me.  
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Likewise. All those Spokane LPs, most with caricatures, some with more "portrait" style, but all instantly recognisable, whilst all following a style that I can now think of as belonging to Joe Sinnott, a name which I have to admit was unknown to me. From the website he seems to have been quite a character.  


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Re: Joe Sinnott

A sad loss. I remember his wonderful artwork very well.


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