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The Carol Burnett Show

Bing appeared on the Carol Burnett Show twice - on November 10th 1969 and March 15th 1972. (Each time there was reciprocation with Carol appearing with Bing on one of his shows).

Shout! Factory are now about to release all of the Carol Burnett Shows for streaming on multiple platforms. There were 11 series in total and so far as I can make out something over 250 shows. 
Full details of the issues and the channel availability here https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Shout-Factory-TV-Releases-all-11-Seasons-of-the-CAROL-BURNETT-SHOW-20200427

Binge on that lot! Or maybe attempt a more rational approach and seek out those with your favoured stars as guests. Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive listing.




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Re: The Carol Burnett Show

I've heard a few of their duets together and they are both very good! One is a medley that features the song "Sing" that was from the children's show "Sesame Street" and written by a native of this city in which I live. 

The other is "Saturday Morning Confusion" - great fun! Both make me wish Bing had done an album full of them!!


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Re: The Carol Burnett Show

Thanks for this information, Richard - although I had wished for a dvd or bluray release myself. Fortunately many of the shows are available on YouTube as well, probably in lesser quality, but nonetheless.


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Re: The Carol Burnett Show

Not the Bing Burnett show though, just brief clips.


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