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Bing in Ireland

I think this may be of interest - at least, it's the first time I came across it:

The channel is named: A classic St. Patrick's day with Bing. It says the video's in this channel are 'exploring the irish side of Bing'. I saw several items that are new to me and I would welcome any comments.


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Re: Bing in Ireland

Looks like it may have originated from our friend George O'Reilly.


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Re: Bing in Ireland

The Bing Story item is "Discovering: Bing Crosby" which pops up on Sky Arts regularly. You will have recognised the 1967 "A Little Bit of Irish" (Bing visits Dublin 1966).

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Re: Bing in Ireland

Thanks, Malcolm. We don't have Sky Arts here, so this is new to me. I will view it in due time.

Have you any idea where the "Bing in Ireland" items originates from? It was uploaded 2 weeks ago, so you'll have to use the arrow at the right to scroll to the more recent items. I scanned through it and to me it seems like a production from the Irish TV. If my ears don't betray me, I even hear people speaking gaelic in this documentary about Bing.

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Re: Bing in Ireland

Bing Crosby in Ireland was a production on the Irish channel TG4 in 2013. See BING #165 (winter 2013) page 39 for details. The channel broadcasts in Gaelic!


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