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What Bing Crosby Christmas Recordings Have You Heard?

I have had the radio tuned to Christmas songs since the day after Thanksgiving and although I didn't heard much Bing at first - here is what I have heard so far on the radio...

White Christmas - 1942 version
White Christmas - 1947 version
Santa Claus is Coming To Town (with the Andrews Sisters)
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Do You Hear What I Hear

I wish they would play the underrated "Secret Of Christmas" from 1959.

What have you heard?


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Re: What Bing Crosby Christmas Recordings Have You Heard?

I listened to a bit of the Christmas "Season" radio on Music Choice and didn't hear a single Bing song.  Plenty of crap I couldn't stand but no Bing or any decent singer.  Well, needless to say I haven't turned that music cable channel back.   Thank goodness for computers, I have downloaded my many Christmas CDs to my Media Player on the computer and put them those Christmas songs from those many CDs into my "Christmas" Playlist.  Now I hear really great Christmas songs anytime I choose from nothing but great classic singers and that includes my favorite odd or different Christmas CDs from people you'd NEVER hear on radio or anywhere but on your own computer.  Like Arthur Godfrey, Walter Brennan, Red Foley, Ethel Smith!! organ, Jimmy Dean and so many other great un-heard Christmas album artists.  So I hear plenty of Bing (every possible Bing Christmas song at that) and all the usual suspects of great classic singers everytime I play my Christmas music on my computer.  And they're all played "Randomly" so I never know who or what's coming next which makes it just like my own personal radio station.  I love my Christmas selections, not a bad one in the bunch and they're all commercial free.  I'm in Heaven.  Who needs radio today where I spend 99% of the time changing the channel and trying not to be offended with lousy assaults to my ears in the name of music.


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Re: What Bing Crosby Christmas Recordings Have You Heard?

Forgot to mention the wonderful instrumental Christmas songs also that will pop up from those Christmas CD downloads from artists like Percy Faith, Mantovani, Frank DeVol, Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, Jackie Gleason and others too.  I always like to hear instrumentals mixed in with vocals whether it's my Christmas playlist or my regular music that I listen to the rest of the year.  I love my own radio station, I never have to turn the dial, favorites all the time.


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Re: What Bing Crosby Christmas Recordings Have You Heard?

I know it's a long while off Christmas, but there were a few main recordings I heard during that time.
White Christmas (1947)
The First Noel (from what I believe to be the 1961 Sing With Bing versions)
Peace On Earth/ Little Drummer Boy
Frosty The Snowman
Let It Snow
I Wish You A Merry Christmas
Mele Kalikimaka 

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.

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Re: What Bing Crosby Christmas Recordings Have You Heard?

Sorry if that's all the Bing Christmas stuff you heard this past Christmas.   That paltry few songs just begins to list the Bing Christmas stuff heard by me on my computer's Christmas Playlist.   That is EXCEPT for that gosh awful Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth drivel.   I happily have deleted it from my computer never to be heard by me again. 

As for new BIng's heard that new mix CD of Bing's old recordings renewed with new stereo back up has to be the only new Bing's heard.   But, if you're a beginner listener than congratulations, you're getting there, only a couple 100 more Bing Christmas songs to go.   Hopefully you'll wait till December to hear more.  Never did like hearing Christmas songs in months other than late Nov. and all thru December.

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Re: What Bing Crosby Christmas Recordings Have You Heard?

Those are the ones I heard on the radio over December, although I've heard most of his Christmas output. I am in the mood for Christmas right now as Christmas didn't feel Christmasy and i now feel it is the right time for some reason. The Bing-Bowie duet is ok, but it has never been a favorite of mine. 

You could technically call me a beginner listener as I've only listened to his non-Christmas stuff for a little over a year, but I've amassed a lot. His Musical Autobiography, all but 3 of his post-1975 albums, but have listened to a lot of stuff from the ones I don't own. I also have 6 Through the Years CDs, over 30 of his films, and have heard most of his 50s-60s albums. Bing At Christmas is an ok CD, but I mostly prefer the original recordings/other vocal performances from him for most songs in it.

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Re: What Bing Crosby Christmas Recordings Have You Heard?

Ah-ha, I see, said the blind man to his deaf daughter.   You have come a long way baby.  To quote a girlie but great cigarette ad.  I remember when I first started I started by taping his Philco show off an FM public radio station that used to play his show on Sundays.    That show turned me on to the vast talents of Bing.  Before that as a kid in the '60's I just knew him as that old guy who did Hollywood Palace (I used to watch that show each week, no matter who the host) and as the guy who was on at Christmas, who's specials I'd not tune into in favor of Bob Hope's Christmas specials.   Heresy, huh?   But that's me before my Philco enlightenment in the '70's. 

When starting to collect I had to deal by mail and phone with a very difficult collector who I desperately wanted some of his stuff, mainly the Bing movies he had at the time.   He acted as if he hated to let anyone see his treasures, which he thought were perfect.   When I got some of his films on video tape back then, I was really shocked at how lousy his "treasures" looked.   I later got much better versions.  But he was a real jerk.


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Re: What Bing Crosby Christmas Recordings Have You Heard?

Sounds like a jerk. The 'collectors' I've dealt with on here have been very kind to me, offering me extra CDs and audio files. 

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.

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