03/11/2012 5:26 pm  #1

Inappropriate usage of this bulletin board

Over the last few days a number of apparent new users have logged onto this board.
There are several inconsistencies about the details given but all have embedded website addresses for various firms which sell batteries for laptops.

I can only assume that the purpose is to attempt to increase rankings for those sites in search engines. I suspect that such a purpose will fail. This board is for those with a genuine interest in Bing Crosby and I will be removing and banning all  persons of whom I have ground to suspect ulterior motives. If anyone believes I have been mistaken in their individual cases they may email me at Jarbie01@gmail.com

I do not think other users of the board will be harmed in any way, but if you have concerns, please contact me.

Crosby fans are our favourite people!

06/11/2012 12:04 am  #2

Re: Inappropriate usage of this bulletin board

Whatever has been going on here I do not fully understand. Nonetheless I have blocked access to a number of individuals (rather than totally removing them from the board). If there is anyone who feels that they have been treated incorrectly they may be reinstated if they will email me explaining their position.

All those barred had inconsistent time zones aganst true localities, there were a number of shared IPs and email addresses, and other inconsistencies. Embedded website addresses for these people have also been removed. Further examination could well produce others who will be treated similarly.


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