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Wayne Martin Update

Here is an update on Wayne Martin, who was the mastermind during the final years of the American Club Crosby and the magazine BINGANG.

This comes from Cathie Wilson:

Hobie and I just received this e mail from a Bing's Friends &
Collectors member Pete Cakanic and we thought it might be of interest
to Crosby fans and  those of you who recall Wayne Martin.

"I used to send Wayne Martin clippings about Fort Gordon where he
served during the Korean War. It's across the river from me. He didn't
acknowledge them. I felt something was wrong.
Today I received a card from Wayne Martin at a new address.. I thought
he's moved. Anyway, his daughter Sandy wrote in the card "Daddy had a
stroke in May. He can't use his right side and has no memory. He can't
take care of himself so we had him moved in with me". I was saddened
to hear this. I thought you'd want to know. If you want to send a card
it will reach him at"

Wayne Martin
605 22nd St.
Higginsville MO 64037.


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Re: Wayne Martin Update

Has anyone received word on Wayne Martin? I sent his daughter a card, but never heard back. I was wondering how he was doing?

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26/7/2011 6:26 pm  #3

Re: Wayne Martin Update

Recalling how only a few years a go we where taking care of my mother in her last years, I expect Wayne's daughter and her family may be too busy to respond, thought they miight eventually.


18/1/2012 12:03 am  #4

Re: Wayne Martin Update

Any news on Wayne Martin?

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18/8/2012 6:42 pm  #5

Re: Wayne Martin Update

Has anyone heard anything about Wayne Martin? Sorry to bump the thread again...

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