14/10/2015 3:11 pm  #1

14 October 1977

14 October 1977 - 14 October 2015

38 Years

It just doesn't seem so long ago.


14/10/2015 4:37 pm  #2

Re: 14 October 1977

It sure doesn't Richard.
Growing up always remember being told that the years go slow but reaching 21 they start to rush by.


14/10/2015 10:43 pm  #3

Re: 14 October 1977

I remember it as if it were yesterday but I truly feel like it was a long time ago.

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

15/10/2015 2:19 pm  #4

Re: 14 October 1977

The Spokane Daily Chronicle's obituary from the time together with a recent summmary of Bing's life from the "Spokesman-Review" can be seen here 


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15/10/2015 4:12 pm  #5

Re: 14 October 1977

Aussie Errol Flynn also passed away on this day in 1959. He was only 50!


21/10/2015 6:08 am  #6

Re: 14 October 1977

As far as I know, the anniversary of Bing's death received no attention in the main media in Australia this year. What a contrast from 1977 when, for example, Melbourne's evening newspaper THE HERALD devoted almost its entire front page to the news under a headline in 2-inch block letters 'BING DIES'. Apart from a few small advertisements, the entire second page told the story of Bing's life and career under the heading 'Super crooner? Not me, I'm the groaner'.


17/1/2016 10:21 pm  #7

Re: 14 October 1977

Didn't Elvis die the same year as Bing? I recall being much more saddened about Bing's passing.  Though I was in my early twenties, I considered the important part of Elvis's career long over and much more forgettable than Bing's.


18/1/2016 5:23 pm  #8

Re: 14 October 1977

Yes, I think it was August when Elvis kicked on.
I get a bit upset when there is Elvis stuff at his anniversary and nothing come Bing's anniversary just two months later.
Still we remember October.


18/1/2016 5:52 pm  #9

Re: 14 October 1977

I think somewhere else there was a post about older stars VS younger stars.

The likes of Elvis Presley (who I believe had talent) and Marilyn Monroe, etc are remembered fondly today because they died so young. If Presley would have died at Bing's age of 74 I do not think it would be as it is today.

I'm a history buff, and as we all know people tend to forget history - that is why we are always doomed to repeat it!


01/10/2016 4:21 am  #10

Re: 14 October 1977

This year in a fortnight will be Bing's anniversary and it falls on a Friday, the same day as that fateful day in 1977.
As I've mentioned before it is also Errol Flynn's anniversary and he is still popular on TCM. He was 50.


01/10/2016 2:08 pm  #11

Re: 14 October 1977

Ron, I love Bing and Errol Flynn. I've been purchasing some of Flynn's movies. Like Bing he had looks and magnetism. No one today in film has that combination. Many from the 30's to the 70's had it or had one and not the other. Cagney, Wayne, Ty Power, Mcqueen- just to name a few! RIP Bing and Errol! We miss you guys!

Peace and Love! 

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