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New Member Introductions

Hello Fellow Members,
My parents were Bing fans when everybody was and his 78's were always playing in the house.
I have subscribed to the magazine in its various guises for over 50 years. I remember helping Ralph Harding to staple together the pages of The Crosby Collector on his dining room table in Anerley all those years ago. How times have changed.
I was at both Parkinson recordings and the first and last nights of both of Bing's seasons at the Palladium (once seated next to Leslie Gaylor). I well remember the first night when I was amongst Henry Cooper, Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly, Judith Chalmers and Eamonn Andrews and we gave Bing a standing ovation when he appeared - before he'd done anything!
I also made it to Leeds last Sunday, having been meaning to go there for 50 years. It was a wonderful event with the best people you could wish to meet.
So I'm looking forward to some interesting exchanges with you all.
John Fahy



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Re: New Member Introductions

Welcome, John.

We met at Leeds. You were lucky with your parents. My father, born 1895, would shout at me "turn off that filthy jazz" for any music that he did not recognise as "classical", (which for him was usually "potted" versions of the better known Beethoven and Mozart themes arranged for small string groups in the "Palm Court" manner).


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Re: New Member Introductions

Hello John,
Nice to have met you at Leeds.
In 1976 I attended opening night and again on the Wednesday or Thursday as I was off to Montreal Olympics.
In 1977 I was at opening and closing nights.
Remember Henry was a couple of rows behind me (I lived at Wembley Park and Henry had a green grocer stall in Wembley). Also Ronnie Barker and after the show he was directing traffic outside the Palladium - only really to get across the road.
I have tabled this bit before rd 1976. Ted Rogers made some remarks about Jeremy on opening night but when I was there a couple of nights later that was not included.
Anyway nice that you did make Leeds and who knows what will happen in the future.
Best wishes


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Re: New Member Introductions

Welcome cousin!  (Somewhere I read that the Fays, Feys, Fees, Faheys, Fahys, and other variations are all related back in the "old country.")

I hope that you regularly share some of your recollections and expertise gathered during your long years as a dedicated Crosby fan, as well as commenting on current topics you are interested in!  Our discussions can always benefit from the kind of depth you undoubtedly bring.


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Re: New Member Introductions

Dear fellow Bing aficionados,
I'd like to introduce myself, too as I'm  new in this forum, Thank you, Richard, for the very warm welcome you gave me a few days ago! 

I'm a Bing enthusiast since October 15th 1977 when as a 13 year old boy I was watching a German TV show and the host told the audience that Bing Crosby was invited for this very evening to sing White Christmas but that he very sadly had died the day before. As he also said that Bing had had sold more records than anyone else I was interested how this successful singer would sound like and I watched all the films and Christmas shows that were broadcasted during the following weeks. And what shall I say - I got hooked immediately! In the early 90s after hearing of the existence of the ICC I became a member in this wonderful fan club.

This year I visited for the first time the Leeds meeting where I must have met you, John Fahy, too, but unfortunately I can't connect your name to any face.... But it's nice to meet you here again :-)

I'm looking forward to interesting discussions and exchanges on this forum!

Best wishes

If I could sing like Bing http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/cool.gif

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Re: New Member Introductions

Welcome, to you as well, Thomas!


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