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Interview with Bing

Radio 4 (online) is currently running a series entitled "100 years of Film". It contains, among other things, an interesting piece by Barry Norman. Linked to this is an interview with Bing conducted by Tony Thomas.  Go to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/hollywood/10203.shtml

I am told that it cannot be heard outside the UK unfortunately.


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Re: Interview with Bing

Bit more about this. The interview was recorded in April 1960 and initially broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It has also been issued on an LP which was called Conversations in Hollywood.

The BBC extract is a lot shorter than the original.

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Re: Interview with Bing

As Malcolm says it is edited - several seconds of pause between each section.
It covers the friendship with Bob Hope - who it is emphasised is far the wealthier man - explodes the myth of Dean Martin's drinking - and Bing talks of juvenile escapades and expresses considerable modesty about his own achievements.
Any one who is interested email me.


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