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Old Bing Crosby Fan Club discovered.

Hi Bing Crosby Fans.
I would like to introduce to your forum some information on a Bing Crosby Fan club that appears to have been created in the 1930`s in the UK.  I recently came upon a great deal of paperwork relating to MGM studios, buried right at the bottom was a buff folder containing approximately 20 sheets of old duplicated hand typed sheets containing film reviews, poems, drawings and general chat.  There were also numerous Bing Crosby film flyers, correspondence from him and a signed photo. I don`t think this folder had seen the light of day for at least 50 years.
Reading through these sheets, they seem to be some sort of early fan club for Bing dated 1938.  They have contributions from people expressing their admiration for Bing, poems and stories.
From what I can ascertain the author of the documents is a G.E. Edmonds who I believe was about 20 at the time.  The rest of the MGM documents relate to him as a senior figure in Production in the company in the 1960`s. 
There is also a reference to a Ted Mole in the documents who I believe is known in the Bing Circle.  There is a reference to the "Crosby Comment", perhaps this was the name of the club.
Unfortunately being new to this forum I do not know how to post photos, so will have to leave you in suspense until I work out how.  Hope this is of interest to you all.



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Re: Old Bing Crosby Fan Club discovered.

Richard has kindly provided some images. For reasons that I cannot fathom they will not display on the board, despite several attempts and conversions into other formats!

As Richard says, they include correspondence and copies of what appears to be the magazine "Crosby Comment".

The name Ted Mole is prominent.  Back numbers of "Crosby Comment" were available for the wonderful sum of 3d (three old pennies - back in the days when there were 240 in the pound). Be difficult to get anything for the current equivalent.

There was a column named "Zips" written by someone operating under the pen name of "Zipper".
The disappointment of the month was recorded as the news the "Dr Rhythm" had gone back to the studios for some retakes to "balance up between Bing and Beartrice Lillie".

But it was not exclusively Bing - there is reference to Laurel and Hardy in "A Yank At Oxford" and others.  

Is anyone able to throw any light or make informed comment about this UK based group in 1938?  



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