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Hello from a young Cincinnatian

Hello, all!

I am 25 and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I work at a conservatory. My area is audio - recording, mixing, that sort of thing. I also provide support for video editing and production work.  I just joined the ICC a week or two ago and got my first two Jonzo CDs and issues of BING in the mail yesterday. I grew up watching and listening to White Christmas with my immediate and extended family and it remains a favorite to this day. My interest was piqued as I learned more about Paul Whiteman, Bix Beiderbecke and other figures of early jazz (we have a wonderful library full of rare music books). Then I came across the Mosaic set of Bing's radio recordings and thoroughly enjoyed them (minus some of the bizarre keyboard choices - yikes). Then I saw some of the new CDs being issued by listening to their digital equivalents on the streaming service Spotify. I just got the Bing & Rosie radio sessions set and enjoy it. I am from Cincinnati so Rosemary Clooney has been around my parents' stereo my whole life (Nick Clooney also gave the commencement speech at the university a few years ago and my grandfather played trumpet in his TV show's band). My biological grandfather was also a Dixieland trombonist, singer and bandleader who appears on a few records.The Jonzo CDs sound great (and I dabble in sound restoration myself) and are in that upper echelon of labor-of-love completist series such as the Chronological Classics from that French fellow.

I'm glad to join such a passionate fan community and look forward to learning from you all and participating in the conversation.

Also, please feel free to ask or chat about any technical aspects related to audio in general, stereo systems, digital audio (I teach a course on recording and mixing radio-style pieces), and computer-based ripping and playback of audio.


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