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Woody Woodpecker set

I recently purchsed the 2 Woody Woodpecker sets. There is an old cartoon on the first set[not Woody] that takes place at Hollywood Bowl.  Bing is shown in the audience singing and many other Hollywood stars appear in this cartoon. In one of the specials, Walter Lance mentions he did the cartoon for the film King of Jazz and that Bing does the voice of the Lion. If I find any other Bing references or cartoons, Ill let you know.

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Re: Woody Woodpecker set

I came across another old cartoon that has an animated Bing in it [from 1934]. Toyland Premiere in color. Bing, Shirley Temple and Laurel and Hardy are some of the stars featured in this one.

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Re: Woody Woodpecker set

Keith Parkinson, writing in "Bing", December 1995 (#111, page 20 on) mentions a number of cartoons that featured Bing in some way.
He mentions - 
Universal, 1934 "Toyland Premier"
Warner, 1937 "The Woods Are Full Of Cuckoos"
Warner, 1938 "Wholly Smoke"
Warner, 1946 "Hollywood Daffy"

On this bulletin board Bert Bishop drew attention to a 1936 "Color Rhapsody" cartoon titled "The Merry Mutineers, and this was picked up for mention in "Bing" 157, page 38.

There was also "Swooner Crooner" of 1944, quite well known, possibly because it received
an Academy Award nomination. This is the one with Bing and Frank Sinatra as roosters.
At one time it was on Youtube but appears to have been withdrawn, though a clip with the excessively skinny  "Frank Sinatra" character can still be seen here, with all the chicks swooning.

However, for a more complete list and quite a bit of background, go to the A to Z of Bing's Movies here http://www.bingmagazine.co.uk/bingmagazine/A-Z.htm and use your browser to search on the word "Cartoon".



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Re: Woody Woodpecker set

Richard, I have the Looney Tunes/ Merry Melodies cartoons. I just didn't know about the ones I mentioned till I bought the Woody Woodpecker sets. I will take a look at all the lists you mentioned. Thanks! Carmela 

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