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Bing Crosby's Next Big Thing

I'm afraid I've been absent from this board for a little while. On my return I have come across this - 

Most of us have read about Bing's being denied access to a Canadian hotel because he was deemed to be inappropriately dressed - in denim.

It seems you can now acquire a Tuxedo to remind you of the occasion for a mere £1,350.

I see that another of Bing's former homes is up for sale, with Malcolm posting details http://crosbyfanworld.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=744

I noticed several pieces relating to Bing's Irish connections - one here http://www.commdiginews.com/entertainment/top-ten-irish-movie-stars-2014-edition-12382/
puts him as one of the top ten Irish movie stars. A little elasticity in the definition of Irish, perhaps, but who's going to be pedantic about that?

In the reverse direction we have had  "Top O' The Morning" included in a list of the worst Irish movies by the New York Post http://nypost.com/2014/03/14/the-10-worst-attempts-at-irish-movies/
How dare they? Not one of Bing's best but surely not worthy of that?

On matters Irish I see that the Blarney stone has been proved to be genuine Blarney! The stone of course features in Top O' the Morning. If you kiss it you are supposed to acquire a true Irish gift of the gab. Problem is that to kiss it you need to hang upside down over the parapet of Blarney castle. Apparently, years back it was decided it was quarried in Wales from the same spot where the stones for Stonehenge came. Not so say the scientists now. A sliver from the stone has been tested and found to have been quarried locally to Blarney after all. Not clear to me why it was ever thought otherwise.



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