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Bing and golf

Just received my 'Golf Week' and reporting on last w/e's AT &T Pro-Am (formerly Bing's) and it is nice to read mention of Bing a couple of times.
Makes me real happy.


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Re: Bing and golf

"Golf Week" dated 23rd. February 2015, the heading of an article reads "....celebrating 'The Clambake"". "......The AT &T still embodies the spirit that Bing Crosby created,.....".
The article finishes '.....The Forcaddie's humble opinion, that all is well with the "Crosby."
Nice to see that they still remember what Bing did for golf.
Oh, by the way, I still haven't heard back from The Golf Hall of Fame re the incorrect birth date of Bing. Must contact them again.

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15/6/2015 1:15 pm  #3

Re: Bing and golf

Unfortunately, Clint Eastwood seems to be the celebrity host of the event lately.  Clint couldn't come close to Bing in humor and enthusiasm, even if somebody gave Clint a double personality transplant.


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