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My absence

I fear I have been unable to visit and attend to this board for some time. A false dawn a week or so ago, but I'm back now. Lots of stuff to catch up on, including my emails, and I'm sorry if anyone feels that I might have been ignoring them. 

First among these is John Marshall from whom I have two more additions to his fascinating work on "The Written Word", which I hope to get up shortly.

Meantime, has anyone seen this news item? - http://www.courthousenews.com/2014/01/31/65018.htm

Briefly, it reports that the the California Appeals Court has ruled that the estate of Bing Crosby's first wife is not entitled to a share in Bing's right to his name and likeness.



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Re: My absence

Welcome back, Richard. We've missed you.


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Re: My absence

Yes, welcome back Richard...

It's been a while since I made a contribution to the site, but I do check in at least once a day. Things seem to be fairly quiet at the moment, but it is, of course, great news about the Gary Giddins book. Thanks, Malcolm, for taking the trouble to contact Gary and clarifying the situation.

Good, too, to see a few posts from Ron. G'day...

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