18/12/2013 2:02 am  #1

Bing on ABC's The Middle

Tis the season! Bing showed up on an episode of the ABC comedy The Middle. For a sitcom it is pretty watchable. Anyways the mother (Patricia Heaton) wanted to have the family together on Christmas Eve, so she planned on having them watch White Christmas, but the copy she got for 72 cents was in German. It's a cute episode and Bing is mentioned and shown!


24/1/2014 7:01 pm  #2

Re: Bing on ABC's The Middle

I think Heaton's talents are displayed much better in "The Middle" than they were in "Everyone Loves Raymond."  I missed that episode.  It sound's quite funny, but a movie labeled "Weisse Weinachten" ought to have been a clue.


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