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More Misleading information

An article has appeared on the website of 'The Star Local News' (Not clear local to where) claiming that Bing Crosby and Doris Day recorded 'Baby. It's Cold Outside'.


It's written by a Kevin Hageland, who tells us in some detail why he doesn't approve of the song and indirectly attacking Bing for singing it.

Where do these people get their information from?.

Bing did actually cover the song, twice, once in a parody/comedy version with James Stewart on radio and once on 'Hollywood Palace' TV with Nanette Fabray (about which I cannot comment, as I have not seen it). But Doris Day? Never Mr Hageland, never. Get your facts right.

It was in the so - so Hollywood musical 'Neptune's Daughter' primarily a vehicle for Esther Williams, and sung by her and Ricardo Montalban. That is the version that many might be familiar with, though somewhat surprisingly it was a bigger hit at the time in the hands of  others -  Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark,  Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer,  and even Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan.

I suppose the uneducated ears of Mr Hageland might just mistake Buddy Clark and Dinah Shore for Bing Crosby and Doris Day.

Actually, it would have been quite an idea to have Bing and Doris sing together, but they never did - the closest they got was  an appearance on the same radio show - what a lost opportunity.

Possibly the most prominent female star of the era that Bing never sang with?


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Re: More Misleading information

As of 21.08 my time Mr Hageland says that he has corrected the blog , though I see no signs of it.  As least he's heeded my email to him.

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Re: More Misleading information

Well done, Richard, for putting him right! I've been away for a couple of weeks on a cruise and I'm delighted to see how well this site is developing.


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Re: More Misleading information

I came across this article which also had a lot of erroneous information: http://www.independentmail.com/news/2010/dec/24/my-southern-perspective-always-dreaming-white-chri/

The author claims that "White Christmas" didn't come into public consciousness until Bing sang it in 1954 in the movie of the same name, and that Bing initially refused to sing it in the film, going so far as to storm off set for two days until he finally caved in otherwise. I have no idea where this information was gathered from, as the author was obviously unaware of the huge success of "White Christmas" in Holiday Inn, not to mention the Academy Award it had won.

I wasn't able to find contact information for the author, but sent an e-mail to the webmaster correcting these and other points. Doesn't anyone fact check anymore?


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Re: More Misleading information

Emily wrote:

Doesn't anyone fact check anymore?

Emily, Welcome to this group. I hope you visit frequently and find much of interest. And I think that most people posting here are a little better informed than the person responsible for that article.  And I'm sure that the thought underlying your question is correct - people remember their first impressions or first point of encounter and believe that their experience is 'the truth' however distorted it might actually be. And 'the truth' repeated sufficiently on the internet rapidly becomes the accepted wisdom. Those of us who know need to do what we can to correct - and of course this thought goes much wider than 'matters Bing'.

Richard Baker

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