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Historical Music Magazines

A number of British music magazines have gone on line at http://www.historyofrockandroll.co.uk/
Magazines included are Disc, Melody Maker, Muzik, New Musical Express (NME), Uncut and Vox.

For our purpose the one that matters is Melody Maker, with New Musical Express (NME) to a lesser extent. 

Searching on "Bing Crosby" brings up 1847 results http://www.historyofrockandroll.co.uk/search/?term=bing+crosby&results_page=1
Judging from the time line at the left of the screen it is possible that they have not yet fully indexed everything before 1960, though there are items from 1944 and 1953 on the first page and there are reports back to the early 1930s. A pity they do not appear chronologically.

But very interesting some of them are.

Click on the item that interests you and the full original page opens out. There are a number of errors, brought about by faulty OCR functioning.

The "FAQS" page at the site implies that it is only open to current subscribers to the magazines, but in fact for the time being at least it seems to have no restrictions.


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Re: Historical Music Magazines

It seems possible that in some circumstances access to the site might be difficult. The reasons are at present unclear, but it might be a question of security setting on computers, the platform used, or the browsers used, or a combination of all these,

I have had no problems using standard Windows based computers with Chrome, IE or Firefox browsers set on the default security settings.

The site is well worth exploring. I'd be interested to hear of any problems others may have - we might be able to track down the root cause of any difficulties. 


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Re: Historical Music Magazines

I came across this very useful and and relatively comprehensive magazine archive the other day: 

And of course, for Bing covers there's always this page: 


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Re: Historical Music Magazines

Thank you Jon - a very interesting site.

Unhappily the one covering British magazines to which I drew attention at the start of this thread has now been restricted to subscribers. I cannot currently establish what qualifications are required to obtain access - but I assume it is a matter of subscriptions to one or more of the still current magazines covered by the site. I must have found it at a developmental stage!

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