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Swatch Cards

Do these cards really contain a peice of material worn by the star? I have a few Steve Mcqueen Swatch Cards. I saw some Bing cards that even had a peice of one of his shoes.

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Re: Swatch Cards

Before opening this thread, I imagined that you'd be asking for swatches the color of Bing's blue eyes in order to match with paint for a room of your house.


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Re: Swatch Cards

I remember being on Sunset Boulevarde in LA, where there are plenty of shops. Asked about where the Bing Crosby 'stars' were located and the bloke was saying Bill Cosby.
One shop they could get you an autographed photo of the stars. I wonedred, how could they get a Bing photo as Bing had been dead for a number of years, at that time.
I think I sign 'Bing' pretty good, so may be I should go in the market!


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Re: Swatch Cards

I'm afraid I've never even heard of these!

Personally I am always very careful when shown anything of the personal souvenir variety, unless thare is strong provenance.



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Re: Swatch Cards

Richard, Look it up on ebay. Companies like Donruss and Americana put them out[don't they make baseball cards?]. Anyway, go to Bing Crosby on ebay and then click on cards or type in swatch cards. Let me know what you think. Carmela

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