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Has anyone noticed that Amazon are listing the Bing Crosby Enterprises issues of a couple of years ago as reissues for 19 March? They are taking pre-orders..

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Presumably with the same content but re-badged to remove the link with Collector's Choice? A sign of the new set up announced by Robert Bader and covered by another thread on this board?

I have not found any reference on either the Bing Crosby Facebook page or The Official Home Of Bing Crosby website.



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Re: Reissues

It does indeed seem that they have been rebadged, if the images now showng on Amazon are correct.

Compare El Senor Bing original and new versions, top left, where the Collector's Choice imprint appeared.



I wonder whether the packaging has changed. I quite liked the slim card folder arrangement.


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Re: Reissues

Amazon (US and UK) lists Ume (Universal Music Enterprises, I presume) as the label, so that would be consistent with Robert Bader's comments on having a new partnership with Universal.

That's great news that these BCE releases will be readily available again! Now that they have a distribution channel, I will definitely be anticipating further releases as Mr. Bader suggests!
After the flurry of activity from BCE with Mosaic and CCM, it has been way too quiet since the changes at CCM.

It would be nice if they would keep the gatefold (digipak) packaging. BCE did that for the Bing in Dixieland release, which was never on CCM, so I suspect they will.


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