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Sing You Sinners

In Gary Giddins' marvellous book he notes some alternative titles which were considered for this 1938 film. I'm reading Jeanine Basinger's book THE STAR MACHINE (which I first learned of from BING magazine No.148) about the methods which the major studios used to promote their contracted actors into star material. Needless to say, I've already found many references to Bing (and others who are largely forgotten these days, such as Tyrone Power, Lana Turner and the Aussie Errol Flynn) and I'm not half way through it. In one lengthy refrence to Bing the author states that Donald O'Connor first starred with Bing 'as a kid, in SING,BABY, SING (1936)'.  I've found no other rerence to such a title and as the year is wrong I suppose Basinger's off the mark here. Any comments?

Incidentally, a friend has just given me a copy of Tony Bennett's DUETS CD which includes a track titled 'Sing you sinners', a song I've not heard before.


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Re: Sing You Sinners

"Sing, Baby Sing" was a 1936 film (see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028255/) but Bing and Donald O'Connor were not in it. Perhaps the author was confused by the earlier titles proposed for "Sing You Sinners".


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