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Paul Draper

I am doing a story on dancer Paul Draper. He was supposed to appear with Bing in Blue Skies (1946). Does anyone have a picture of Bing and Paul Draper together?

Draper looks amazingly like Fred Astaire - who replaced him in the movie.


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Re: Paul Draper

The circumstances of Paul Draper's involvement (or non-involvement) in Blue Skies are described in some detail by Malcolm Macfarlane in his ''Bing Crosby - Day By Day'' on line here 

Scroll down to July 12–September 28 1945  (corrected from the original eroneous 1944)


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Re: Paul Draper

Interesting - I wonder if there are any publicity stills of Bing and Paul Draper. I could not imagine Blue Skies without Fred Astaire.

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