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The background singers on a Bing Crosby Record

I'm all in favour of keeping Bing's name alive but I'd be interested in comments on this song title ''Bing Crosby''


You can hear the song, the lyrics of which include

''Snow is falling on an old empty house in the country
My Dad's down in Florida trying to stay away from Buffalo
And the backgound singers on a Bing Crosby record
Remind me how you looked in a scarf and a sweater so cold''

The song is by someone named SNMNMNM or do my eyes deceive me?


24/12/2012 8:50 pm  #2

Re: The background singers on a Bing Crosby Record

I can't listen to it, but I find the existence of such a song interesting.  I keep wondering: what song, which back-up singers???  I'm thinking Jack Halloran's choral group might be more capable of convincing me of severe cold than Ken Darby's.

The SNMNMNM moniker makes me worry that it's a rap song, but maybe they are initials connected with someone from Minnesota (MN)?  Calling the song "a record" though suggests the lyricist is older rather than very young.


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