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- - or would you rather be a pig?

Jeremy Rose has sent me this, which he found in ''Saga'' magazine, a journal which circulates in the UK to an elderly readership. (I don't know what Jeremy is doing in such company).

He comments that the average ''Saga''  reader would probably recognize the reference.



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Re: - - or would you rather be a pig?

Thanks for posting that, Richard. Thanks, too, for the compliment, but I feel I should point out that Saga's target readership is "the over 50s", a category into which I have fallen for quite a few years now! It only ends up in the house because my wife has a free subscription - we are friends of the editor who has a holiday home in our village...

Bing also got a mention on the UK quiz show "University Challenge" the other night - albeit as a wrong answer! The question involved deducing two names from the clues given - the surname of the first name being the given name of the second. (Clear as mud..?) The clues were, "The author of "The World According to Garp" and the composer of "White Christmas".

Answer - John Irving and... well, assuming I haven't already, I won't insult your intelligence...

The team conferred for a few seconds - all looking flummoxed - and on being told by the quiz-master to hurry it up, the captain blurted out, "Bing Crosby"!

As I said, the wrong answer, but considering that the average age of the teams is usually about 18¾, I was pretty impressed that she came up with the name at all!


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Re: - - or would you rather be a pig?

Anyone over 50 years old can get an official "Senior Discount Card" qualifying one for Wednesday discounts at the Salvation Army thrift store on University Street in Peoria, IL.  Getting old does have its benefits.  I may have found a Bing LP there some years ago.  ;)


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Re: - - or would you rather be a pig?

Can you believe that AARP once center me a card - just because I subscribe to some nostalgia magazines! You don't have to be old to appreciate the great things!


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