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23 new images added to the Memorabilia/Advertising/Promotional page...


I'll just list the captions:

Still from The Bells of St. Mary's, with Ingrid Bergman 1945.
Sheet music, 1943.
With Bob Hope, Olympic Telethon, 1952.
With Louis Armstrong on The Hollywood Palace, 1967 promo photo.
With Fred Astaire, 1975 press photo.
Sheet music, 1944.
Made up as Mark Twain for the John Wayne TV special Swing Out Sweet Land. Promotional photo, 1971.
Ad for Road to Morocco, 1942.
With Blythe Danner in the made-for-TV movie Dr. Cook's Garden. Promotional photo, 1971.
Bing arrives at Heathrow Airport with sons Nathaniel (left) and Harry. Press photo, 1976.
Sheet music, 1961.
Bing poses amidst video and audio tape, which he funded when the technology was in its infancy, and pioneered the use of in the U.S.
On the Paramount lot with Danny Kaye and Audrey Hepburn in a 1954 press photo promoting Hepburn's current project, Sabrina.
Sheet music, 1942.
1944 movie still, Road to Utopia.
Press photo with Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, and Bob Hope, 1975.
Trade ad promoting Bing's 1964-65 sitcom.
Photographs which were privately printed for an album commemorating Bing's dedication of a baseball field (which he helped fund) and the world premier of Riding High (directed by Frank Capra) in Front Royal, Virginia, 1950. (3 photos)
With director Frank Capra, circa 1950 promotional photo.
Bing & sons (L to R: Lindsay, Dennis, Phil, and Gary), 1971 press photo.
Bing and Risë Stevens pose with servicemen on the set of Going My Way, 1944.


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Re: 23 new images added to the Memorabilia/Advertising/Promotional page...

Some great photos there, Jon!


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Re: 23 new images added to the Memorabilia/Advertising/Promotional page...

Thanks, Malcolm. Quite a few years of collecting are represented!

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