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The New Paul Whiteman Band

A fairly lengthy (21 minutes) video clip here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdxGbB8y31g&list=FLOCEul_PqBrFm_ySZC7EIsQ&index=1&feature=plpp_video
from 1974 of The New Paul Whiteman Band complete with The New Rhythm Boys and a Bing impersonation in such as 'Louisiana' and 'Tain't so, honey, 'tain't so' among others.  A faithful recreation of the original arrangements.

Several well known names in the band, among them at least two who had careers beyond that of pure music making - Chris Ellis, a record producer, and John R T Davies, a notable record collector who has done much in the world of record restoration, including very many of Bing's own recordings.

And Alan Cohen, the conductor, performed the same role for Bing. Well worth 21 minutes of anyone's time.

I stand to be corrected but I think Chris Ellis is the Bing Stand-in, though I'm slightly puzzled why there are four vocalists - 'Bing' plus three more 'Rhythm Boys'. Someone can't count!

Interesting to have a modern (well, 1974) sounding recording of the same arrangements.

This combination issued at least one LP (maybe more).


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Re: The New Paul Whiteman Band

Steve Ashley of the British Dance Band Forum draws attention to the fact that a complete radio show from 1975 featuring this band, with more recreations of Bing and Rhythm Boys' numbers is at www.phrco.com/dbd. Left click on the show to listen to it, or right click and download and save it for listening at leisure. 'If I Had A Talking Picture', 'Changes', 'Mary', 'Mississippi Mud' included. One hour but interrupted by the news half way through! 

Not the same as Bing himself but interesting and the sound quality, in stereo, is good. Now if only modern microphones and recording equipment was in the studios in 1928.

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