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Greg Van Beek on radio today

Today is the premiere of Greg's new weekly radio series, Nostalgia Radio Time on 1420 AM WJUB! You can listen online with the Live365 link, found on the www.1420thebreeze.com website. It's on live for an hour, Saturday, January 7th, starting at 10 pm (CST) / 11 pm (ET). Bing, Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, Artie Shaw, Louis Armstrong, Rudy Vallee, they're all featured & more on the first show of 2012, along with a very rare New Year's Day 1935 Ben Bernie radio show with Al Jolson as guest!


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Re: Greg Van Beek on radio today

Nice little clip of Vic Damone.
I wrote them and said they don't mention Bing but mention Sinatra and Fitzgerald.
'Yesterday, when I was young', I used to think that Vic Damone was Victor Moan.


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