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Another 'White Christmas' on stage

- But you need to be in or near Salina, Kansas.


It's worth repeating what the publicity says about the original -
The show originally was a popular 1954 movie musical starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye as song-and-dance men Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, who bring their hit Broadway musical production to Vermont to help their beloved World War II army general keep his struggling ski lodge open.- - - - - - -The plot may be slight, but the music is timeless. It includes some of Berlin's greatest songs -  - - - - -  and of course, the classic title song.

They seem to be importing a number of additional songs.


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Re: Another 'White Christmas' on stage

It sounds like they took out "Mandy" and "Choreography" and some of the military-themed numbers.  Cycling in other Berlin numbers, however, is much in the spirit of Berlin himself; watching my B&W vhs of "Holiday Inn" a couple of days ago, I was reminded how he plugged "Easter Parade" into it.  Irving was a great recycler.


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