14/12/2011 9:42 pm  #26

Re: New issues from Bing Crosby Enterprises

I ordered my Bing In Dixieland cd yesterday. Not bad. the shipping is around $3.50. The price of the CD is worth it for the song "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" alone!


15/12/2011 8:09 am  #27

Re: New issues from Bing Crosby Enterprises

The Dixieland CD will be loaded on to i-tunes in due course so keep watching. This will be a cheaper option to get those tracks you may not already have.

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16/12/2011 8:10 pm  #28

Re: New issues from Bing Crosby Enterprises

Received mine today.

Great listening. Yes, the Dixieland CD does in part cover material from the Mosaic set but it is the 'hotter' part and those who are more inclined to want a 'Dixieland' group and not want to run to the full Mosaic set have a real bouncing jumping  set here. And there are, as already stated, several unique tracks. All in superb sound. Several tracks have a depth that almost deceive into thinking they are in stereo.
Really good listening.

And 'The Night Before Christmas' is most appropriate at this time of year. That disc with three titles has been the subject of confusion here. It was stated to be a 'Limited edition Vinyl Single' but on the website order form it also said 'Vinyl CD'
which is pretty confusing. Some companies now market CDs fashioned after vinyl records but they are CDs. The dispatch note covering my order actually says 'Bing Crosby Limited Ed. Christmas Vinyl CD Single'

To banish the confusion, it is an old fashioned 7 inch vinyl disc that requires an old fashioned jewel tipped stylus on the end of an old fashioned pick up arm that rests in a groove in the disc. Pressed in a translucent green. And in a return to old times has what looks remarkably like a mastering number pressed into the field between the label and the recorded area - R25093 A and R25094 B. (I wonder if Take A exists and will it become a collector's item?).

Steve Fay has said elsewhere on the board that vinyl is making a come-back. Here is the physical evidence that Mr Crosby is still in the groove and still keeping up with the times!

Both are wholly recommended.


16/12/2011 9:52 pm  #29

Re: New issues from Bing Crosby Enterprises

The Dixieland CD is going to be a great addition to my collection. I don't have the funds to buy the Mosiac set, and I love Bing singing Dixieland!


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Re: New issues from Bing Crosby Enterprises

The Bing in Dixieland set is now on i-tunes. Wonderful quality.

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21/12/2011 9:31 pm  #31

Re: New issues from Bing Crosby Enterprises

As more music listeners and music marketers are not aquainted with grooved recordings, more of these confusing listings may happen, as with the one BCE offering being called a "vinyl CD."  On places like ebay sometimes 78 singles get labeled as LPs, and 78s sometimes also get listed as vinyl, when many but the very last of them being shellac.  Listings for used LPs in their descriptions sometimes say that their "jewel cases" are in good condition.

I do recall a company offering CD-R media that on one side looked they had a black grooved surface around the outside with a colored center label area, making them look like tiny LPs from a distance.  There were also at one time cassette tapes that spooled their tape on what looked slightly like tiny reel-to-reel tape reels.  If you search ebay for reel-to-reel tapes, some of those cassettes inevitably come somewhere in the search results.

I have heard of record collectors who specialize in colored vinyl.  I don't know if they play them or hang them on the wall with lights behind them.  Ha, ha.  We have a Christmas record on transluscent red vinyl that my mother bought in about 1958.  I don't listen to it much, but looking at it fills me with holiday nostalgia.  Does BCE display a picture of their record showing its translucent green color?  If they did, it might actually sell more copies.

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22/12/2011 2:40 pm  #32

Re: New issues from Bing Crosby Enterprises

Here is my review of the excellent Bing In Dixieland CD:



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