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Bing Crosby In An Album Of Cowboy Songs DECCA Album No.69

Hi Everyone my name is rick shannon and i own www.collectors-outlet.com . I buy sell and list on consignment, i have been hired to sell off  alot of  very old
Records .
Part of my job is to research the value and then sell the items online ,

I Have a set of     Bing Crosby  In An Album Of Cowboy Songs      Decca Album No.69         In Very GOOD CONDITION

the set is the one that jon oye  pictured on his site  I believe this is a very rare set  Anyone Interested in Purchasing this set can contact me at my website

PS If I come across any more BING CROSBY albums in this i will post them for sale here first in honor of Bing Thank You For your Time
        Pictures of this album are now posted on the web site it is listed under VINTAGE Vinyl Records

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