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'Last Links To A Noble Enterprise' - Bing and golf in Ireland

The Irish Times for today has an item here.


And he lost the letter!


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Re: 'Last Links To A Noble Enterprise' - Bing and golf in Ireland

In 1977, when living in Reading, my wife and I went to Ireland.
I had wished to go there but she didn't, until she saw a programme by Cliff Mitchellmore (?) about Ireland and the castle hotels.
She said, let's go and I said NO, as you didn't want to go previously.
"You can take your golf clubs".
Well, guess what? I said yes.
I got to play some wonderful courses including Killarney. In the pro shop the pro had a photo of himself and Bing. Don't know the pro's name but I know Bing.
To name a couple of courses, besides Killarney - Waterville (recently opened), Lachinch, Ballybunion (played with a priest, I found out after the game. Didn't care for the bitter, so he said have a pint with a 'lemon top'. So I did and was surprised when a pint of bitter came with a slice of lemon in it. Cost of golf - 75p), Sligo - and did I get wet there. Blokes I played with called it quits after about 14-15 holes. I joined in with a couple of other blokes. Got inside the club house and they ordered 'hot toddies'. Boy, was that good. They had the kettle boiling all the time. Think it is the wettest I've ever been on a golf course.
But it was good to see a photo of Bing in the pro shop.


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Re: 'Last Links To A Noble Enterprise' - Bing and golf in Ireland

This page will have to do.
Monday on Golf Channel David Feherty interviewed Ken Venturi. Ken mentioned Bing a couple of times and having stayed at Bing's place when he played his first Crosby clambake.
He also mentioned he was with Bing and Phil Harris in Tennessee driving by the Jack Daniels whiskey plant at night and all the lights were on. Comment was made about Phil's drinking.  Phil said '...well, I've got them working at night...'.
Ken had a good friendship with Frank Sinatra. He always called him Francis, and Sinatra called him Kenneth.


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