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Bing Outtakes

I'm a new member, and I've recently come across a 2-sided 78rpm Bing Crosby "outtake" record (no label, "original cutting" handwritten on the sleeve).  One side is "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams," a good version until Bing (or the musicians) mess up.  The other side is "Jimmy Valentine," once again a legitimate take until it breaks down.  In both cases, Bing curses good-naturedly.  Do you have any information about these recordings?  Are they common or rare?  Thanks in advance for your time, help and expertise.


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Re: Bing Outtakes

Bob, Welcome to 'Crosby Fan World'

As to your disc it is best to take the answers in two parts because much of Bing's recorded output circulates and is collected as copies, in both commercially issued 78s, LPs and CDs and as informal copies, whilst there is a separate interest in 'collector's pieces' - original discs of various types such as tests, un-issued pressings and the like. 

if, in 'Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams', Bing sings 'Sang the wrong melody , we'll play it back, See what it sounds like, hey, hey, They cut out eight bars - - - ' then it is one of the best known of the 'fluffs' and copies have been widely circulated in various formats. It was recorded on 9 June 1939.

'Jimmy Valentine' in the normal version, was recorded in the same month, on the 30th June, but it was part of a medley and I personally do not know of a 'fluff' of it. Anyone else any knowledge?

What you have as a disc is another matter. Given the content and the proximity of the dates, I would speculate that it is possibly the work of a Decca studio technician making unauthorised dubbed copies of the fluffs for his own private collection. Others who know more of the nature of these discs and studio practices of the time might, I hope, be able to add more.

In the meantime I suggest you take good care of it.


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Re: Bing Outtakes

Bob, I believe that in fact the 'Jimmy Valentine' fluff could be from a recording made for the soundtrack of the film 'The Star Maker'  for Paramount, and is not a version of the Decca commercial recording at all.  Such a fluff is known.

But precisely what your disc might be and why it might have been made in such a combination I must leave to others.


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