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Chick Bullock.

Chick Bullock, though not a sound-alike, was a Çrosby contemporary - recording around 500 titles, mostly in the early ‘30s.  Here, he performs ‘Vocal Chorus’ on a smooth dance band version of Bing’s 1933 song, ‘I’m Playing with Fire’.

1933 Bob Causer - I'm Playing With Fire (Chick Bullock, vocal) - YouTube

Bullock eventually moved into real estate, opening his own business.  He died in California in 1981, aged 82.


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Re: Chick Bullock.

Glad you brought up Chick Bullock! I am a huge fan of his, and years back they even issued a CD of his work...



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Re: Chick Bullock.

Chick Bullock was one of many of Bing's s contemporaries. A very good vocalist. He also produced a lot of recordings, always hoping to achieve at least some of the success that Bing was producing in the early 1930s.. This 'I'm Playing With Fire" is very good. It has previously escaped me. I would highly recommend finding Chick's early 30's versions of 'Stardust' & "There's A Cabin In The PINES-not Sky! Thank you/

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Re: Chick Bullock.

I enjoyed those recordings. I wonder what other labels Brunswick USA produced. Brunswick (Australia) pressed Crosby records on several labels (Brunswick, Panachord and Embassy) Bing before it went out of business in 1931. The Panachords included two discs attributed to Owen Cornell and an Embassy record by Arthur Beaumont but the vocalist was Bing.


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