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1968 LP 'Bing & Kathy's African Safari'

The Internet Archive has uploaded an LP from 1968 called "Bing & Kathy's African Safari To The Terrat Metropolitan Area, Kenya" that it says was put out by something called Trader Vic's.

You can listen to it here: https://archive.org/details/lp_bing-kathys-african-safari-to-the-terr_bing-crosby-kathryn-crosby-victor-berge

Does anyone know anything about it?


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Re: 1968 LP 'Bing & Kathy's African Safari'

July 29, 1968, onwards. They arrive in Nairobi to go on for a two-week safari in Tanzania with Vic Bergeron (Trader Vic) and Helen, plus Lawrence and Leonora Wood. The safari is led by Terry Mathews of Mathews Safaris. Bing subsequently makes a private recording to commemorate the holiday for the participants and Trader Vic distributes this to many friends. Their camp is at Terrett, sixty miles north of Arusha in Tanzania and while there they are visited by Masai warriors. Bing tapes the warriors singing and plays the results back to them.

"Bing and Kathryn Crosby’s African safari to the Terrett Metropolitan Area, Kenya. I guess I had been asked ten or fifteen times to join a safari and always shied away from it as - I don’t know - maybe, just not fun. But when Bing and Kathy Crosby asked Helen and me to go on safari, along with Leonora and Lawrence Wood, we accepted, and I have never had a more delightful time in my life. There were six of us. We had hunted for several years together in Texas and Mexico, and here in California and were completely compatible, so we came and went on our safari without any undue strain on one another. Then of course, Terry Mathews, of Mathews Safaris, Kenya, put this address down in case in case you want to go on a safari, did a tremendous job for us. There were two white hunters apart from Terry and his wife. I was never more pleased in my life! Little things happened here and there - my wife killed a leopard, as you hear on the record. We all shot our animals and did our things. We had great duck shoots together, the camp food was excellent, there were always plenty of game birds to eat as well as animals cooked in many delightful manners. All in all it was a wonderful holiday we will never forget, and then to add to this pleasure, Bing and Kathy - who are the greatest of kids for making up songs - made up this little ditty about the safari - things around the camp and the whole holiday, and sent me one of the tapes. I thought it would be a grand thing to give away for this Christmas, and so we are giving this to you with our best wishes for a very happy holiday,
Sincerely, Trader Vic."

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Re: 1968 LP 'Bing & Kathy's African Safari'

Thank you!

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