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Bing’s early ‘30s crooning contemporaries

I enjoy listening to some of Bing’s early ‘30s crooning contemporaries…names like Rudy Vallee, Russ Colombo, Cliff Edwards and Gene Austin.
A lesser-known name from those days is Charllie Palloy (1906-93), an obscure vocalist/guitarist heard on ‘Çrown Records’ between 1932 and ’33.
Vocally, he was clearly influenced by Bing, and his guitar style is similar to Eddie Lang.
Here, Charlie Palloy performs “I’ve Got to Sing a Torch Song.”
It’s interesting listening…Charlie Palloy - I've Got to Sing a Torch Song - YouTube
Do you have any favorites among Bing’s early ‘30s crooning contemporaries?


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Re: Bing’s early ‘30s crooning contemporaries

Charlie Palloy is a great find!


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