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Hal Kemp - I Found A Million Dollar Baby

Bing recorded his classic "I Found A Million Dollar Baby" on June 12, 1931. Hel Kemp & His Orchestra recorded their version actually a little earlier on May 15, 1931 with a vocal by Skinnay Ennis. I still prefer Bing's verion:



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Re: Hal Kemp - I Found A Million Dollar Baby

I like to hear recordings of songs associated with Bing which feature other vocalists and I'd not heard that Hal Kemp version before. Bing's recording was, in my opinion, better. Brunswick (Australia) pressed Bing's version on the Embassy label for the retailer Coles Stores. Like the five-and-ten cents stores in the USA, Coles sold products for 'nothing over two shillings an six pence' when the usual price for 10-inch 'popular' records was four shillings. The vocalist on that Crosby record was labelled Arthur Beaumont. Renowned Crosby collector Gordon Wall remembered that the record was played in Coles Melbourne store.


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