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Jimmy Dorsey - The Moon Got In My Eyes

Bing had a big hit with "The Moon Got In My Eyes" for Decca, and he introduced it in 1937's "Double Or Nothing". Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra also had a nice version of the song with Bob Eberly on vocal from June 23, 1937...



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Re: Jimmy Dorsey - The Moon Got In My Eyes

I like to hear other versions of songs I associate with Bing and i believe that's the first 'other' version of 'The moon got in my eyes' I've heard. he Australian Decca of that song and 'Smarty' and the other with 'It's the natural thing to do' and 'All you want to do is dance' was reviewed favourable in the music magazine Tempo : 'Four lovely sides ... Bing as never been in better form' but neither record sold well. They remained in the catalogue until the late 1940s but neither sold 2000 copies.


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