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BCE revamped web site

The Bing Crosby Estate launches a revamped web site. Crosby Internet Radio disappears. But there will be a new Crosby series on SiriusXM


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Re: BCE revamped web site

I’m mixed on it, while the disappearance of the internet radio is sad, I feel like this website is a good step forward since Primary Wave’s acquisition. Heck, they’re even attempted a discography on the site, which will at any odds pale in comparison to the BING magazine one, but it’s the thought that counts. I don’t mind the design and it seems like they are putting a good amount of effort into the filmography portion. It is always very nice to see Bing getting his own Sirius XM show.

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Re: BCE revamped web site

Yes I went there several days ago and discovered Bing Radio now gone, not that I've listened to it since Christmas last year since they've been playing nothing but Christmas music all year till now and now it's kaput.  Some things on this new version of the site are worthy but overall I found it VERY confusing and places where you thought you were going don't work anymore (the Bing radio shows places, none of them worked).  But at least someone over there has woken from their slumber and tried to do something.  Now if they brought back Bing radio and played a VARIETY of Bing shows and songs then it would be perfect and to please keep it seasonal now.


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