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New Trick's "Georgia On My Mind"

I recently heard Ray Charles' version of "Georgia On My Mind" on the radio, so I dug out my Bing Crosby versions of the song. My favorite version, despite the dreadful Buddy Cole backing, is his version from the "New Tricks" album. Some nice whistling too...



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Re: New Trick's "Georgia On My Mind"

Why on earth did Buddy Cole see fit to switch from gentle laid back piano to an organ all of a sudden???
It did jar and distract somewhat. Otherwise, yes definitely the more preferable version of the two.
The 1975 recording's orchestration was so funkily over the top, it seemed more suited to the hip gyrations of Tom Jones than our more gentlemanly sedate Bing. Semi-drowning a vocalist by their "backing" surely defeats the point. 

I love Ray Charles' version, which to my ears so far, is the definitive recording of the song, with Ella's running a jolly close second.


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Re: New Trick's "Georgia On My Mind"

Georgia On My Mind?Hoagy Carmichael's (1930) vocal is just ok.Yet Louis Armstrong's contempary version was-it's a winner!Whatever Louis's vocal was-that's something else.Ray Charles's (1960s) revival was sung well,as well as a best seller.Bing's versions,sorry-I cannot agree that he did it at  right time.He should have recorded it in the early 1930s.Ella? Yeah,she's good,but that's ok,as it is better than Bing's .You can like Bing,but he should not have even attempted it.However,for my ears,Georgia On My Mind BELONGS to ETHEL WATERS,Her (1938) Bluebird recording of the Carmichael written song is melodious & sweet,in her masterful vocal.


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Re: New Trick's "Georgia On My Mind"

I actually like the funky "Southern Memoir" version quite a bit, but the version on "New Tricks" is really Bing at his best, just incredibly smooth and mellow. 


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Re: New Trick's "Georgia On My Mind"

I  believe if Nina Simone had made a recording of it (please somebody tell me that she did - my searches have come to nowt), it would have rivalled Ray Charles'. Is there anything of her and Bing ever working together? For some reason, it seems unlikely (1960's US television, surely being the most likely bet) as Nina wasn't ever too variety orientated. 


21/10/2022 6:15 am  #6

Re: New Trick's "Georgia On My Mind"

I think Bing's 1957 recording of 'Georgia on my mind' is OK  but a bit too relaxed; not enough emotion.


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