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Whatever Happened To The Bing & Hopalong Cassidy Color Movie?

There's a curious thing I've heard now on at least 2, maybe 3, different Bing Crosby Shows from the early '50's.  Bing and Hopalong Cassidy and another Bing Show guest in another episode all talked about Bing and Hoppy doing a color movie together!!   I can only dream of what a great flick this would have been and to see Hopalong in color for the first time as all his movies were b/w and Bing looking in top form the way he did in the early '50's, what a fantastic thought. 
Why did this never become a reality?   My guess is MAYBE it all boiled down to money disagreements, but that's just my guess entirely.   What happened to this potentially great color movie project between Hopalong Cassidy and our very own House Singer on Sounds Like Radio, Bing Crosby?   Bing and Hoppy appeared together at least a couple times on Bing's show, so what happened to their movie collaboration?  Would have been a wonderful thing to see.


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Re: Whatever Happened To The Bing & Hopalong Cassidy Color Movie?

OK,  I just did a little research and found out this much from Steven Lewis's Bing site:
"Pardners,1950 with Hopalong Cassidy, remake of Rhythm On The Range, eventually filmed with Martin and Lewis."
That was it, at least it's something.  But even if this was true, why couldn't another different project been planned with Bing & Hoppy? 
These might be questions we may have to wait till we get to that big Holiday Inn in the sky to ask Bing and Hoppy themselves about. 

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Re: Whatever Happened To The Bing & Hopalong Cassidy Color Movie?

Now one thing also odd, Pardners was filmed in 1956, 6 years after Hoppy & Bing talked about their movie.  So if it's true that Pardners was originally supposed to have been a Bing & Hoppy project why 6 years later did Dean & Jerry finally do it?   When I think about it, Pardners doesn't even make sense for Bing & Hoppy to make together.  Neither was associated with the other, so there was no history there to play off of.  Bing & Bob making Pardners makes more sense, not as a Hopalong-Bing project.   So I find it hard to believe that Pardners was intended for Hoppy & Bing.   6 years wouldn't have gone by before it was finally made and even if it was supposed to be for them they surely could have come up with another movie that made more sense for Bing & Hoppy to do together.   I don't think this is the real story of what happened to the movie they were supposed to make.  There must have been another reason the movie was never made.  And for that I go back to finances being the probable reason it never became a reality.  A real pity as I think a movie with both these guys could have been a real classic. 

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Re: Whatever Happened To The Bing & Hopalong Cassidy Color Movie?

It probably was for the best that Bing and Hopalong Cassidy didn't make a move together. I don't think it would have been well received. It definitely wouldn't have a long shelf life among Bing movies.


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Re: Whatever Happened To The Bing & Hopalong Cassidy Color Movie?

Hopalong was before my time.  Even as a kid in the '60's I never saw any of his movies on TV.   I knew of Hopalong, knew he was a popular cowboy in the '50's with kids from his old movies appearing on TV, and I heard him in the '80's on Bing Crosby's radio shows.  That was it, as far as my knowledge of Hoppy, didn't really even know what he looked like, just hearing his voice on Bing's shows.

That was until about 10 years ago when I started watching all of his movies once a week.  After I had watched every last one I started watching his TV show.  (All this thanks to the marvels of DVDs.)   Now for the past couple years I've been listening to the Hopalong radio shows (and featuring them on my Sounds Like Radio podcast).   All of them, movies, radio episodes, TV episodes are VERY enjoyable and entertaining.  I can see now what people saw about him on '50's TV and before that what folks saw in the movies of the '30's thru '40's.   Very entertaining stuff and Hoppy's laugh is my favorite thing in all his shows.  To hear what a Hoppy radio show sounded like, here's one of several episodes I featured on Sounds Like Radio:

OK all this is to say, Hoppy was very popular in the '50's as was Bing.  Both had a similar audience and both these guys seem to have had a lot of fun when on the radio together.  They did have a good chemistry and Hoppy liked to laugh and portray himself in a lighthearted manner.   So I see a pairing of Bing & Hoppy in a color movie a great idea (provided they came up with a good story and script).  I know I'd love to see it and I'm not even living in the '50's (though it seems I really am).   Another "if wishes were fishes" moment, I suppose.   But it would have been neat. 

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Re: Whatever Happened To The Bing & Hopalong Cassidy Color Movie?

Hopalong Cassidy westerns were my favourites as a lad in Australia in the 1940s. In1938 at least one Aussie cinema manager claimed that only a small percentage of stars could be relied on to make money, but Bing wasn't one of them. Overshadowing them at the box office were Disney cartoons and William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy. In 1954 he was at the Sydney Showground  for the Crippled Children's Association and drew huge crowds.


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