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Rhythm on the River Insipired Carpenters Song

This was an interesting article about the Carpenters song "Goodbye to Love" and connection to the film.

Here is the part in reference:

"The song came about after Richard saw a 1940 Bing Crosby film called Rhythm on the River. He noticed that the characters kept talking about a songwriter's greatest composition, 'Goodbye to Love'.

Carpenter said: "You never hear it in the movie, they just keep referring to it," and he began writing a song around it."

Have not seen the movie in a while so guessing this is accurate.

Here is a link to the article:



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Re: Rhythm on the River Insipired Carpenters Song

Yes, I talked about this very thing about a year ago on Sounds Like Radio Episode 66.   I talked about the background of the song and played it too.   If you scroll on down to Sounds Like Radio episode 66 you can hear this show.   It's all free all the time and it's right here:


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